For Candidates

Selling yourself on paper or in person to an employer is often the most difficult part of any job search or promotion opportunity. Why not let the experts on CV writing and Interview preparation help you sell yourself and prepare you and your documents for the next stage of your career?

You will always be your biggest asset, show yourself off.

How we can help:

  • Professional CV Writing – Make your employer walk over burning coals for you.
  • Prepare Winning Presentations – Put your vision forward with personality.
  • Question Preparation – Prepare the best answers for likely questions.
  • Interview Preparation – Make competition irrelevant at the interview.
  • Job Identification – Making your skills relevant in a different industry.
  • SELL YOU – Make your prospective employers believe you’re the only choice.
  • Application Forms – Turn the drudgery of filling in a form into an enthusiastic first pitch.
  • Covering Letters – Stand out from the first line.
You Darren recently helped me to revise my CV resulting in a more professional and relevant document with a much improved layout. He also advised on my career path and where I should be looking, providing ideas on how to promote myself. All this was done in a relaxed but professional manner with probing questions which helped him to work with me to improve my CV and where I should be looking next in terms of employment. Would 100 % recommend.
Daniel B
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