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Darren Wilcox

About Us

Wilcox-Business was founded in Sept 2017 by Darren Wilcox and its mission is a simple one. To help small businesses, entrepreneurs and those seeking new employment see their value and maximise their potential in their own mission.

About Darren

Throughout his career Darren has specialised in Recruitment, Headhunting, Sales, Planning, Creative Problem Solving and excels at Negotiation.

He has a strong academic background with Graduate and Postgraduate qualifications in Philosophy; he has also lectured in Philosophy and Ethics and has been published academically.  Read More

You Darren recently helped me to revise my CV resulting in a more professional and relevant document with a much improved layout. He also advised on my career path and where I should be looking, providing ideas on how to promote myself. All this was done in a relaxed but professional manner with probing questions which helped him to work with me to improve my CV and where I should be looking next in terms of employment. Would 100 % recommend.
Daniel B
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