Darren Wilcox


Darren Wilcox

Throughout his career Darren has specialised in Recruitment, Headhunting, Sales, Planning, Creative Problem Solving and excels at Negotiation.

He has a strong academic background with Graduate and Postgraduate qualifications in Philosophy; he has also lectured in Philosophy and Ethics and has been published academically.  

His approach to business and life is always rooted in reason and big picture thinking. This combined with a natural curiosity enables him to see opportunities in areas where many would see only the barriers.

He thrives on overcoming any perceived obstacles and is quick to formulate strategic plans in order to do this. He has sound logic and the ability to research any given subject, market, company or person of interest to reach an understanding of the subject and more importantly to know what to do next with the information.

Since his first taste of recruitment as an Aerospace and Defence Headhunter these attributes have been essential, as all of his roles have required quick and professional gathering of industry intelligence and the creation of business game plans and strategies.

His career history is primarily within high pressured and target driven environments, he has regularly over achieved on targets and has a history of setting records and benchmarks whilst influencing company policy and direction.  In his last role as an employee he was considered the Leads Champion for the company. Darren won every incentive regarding developing leads that was set and was ultimately requested by management to run workshops and one to one mentoring to help develop his colleagues’ ability to generate leads.

He has developed extensive business knowledge through employment and setting up his own companies and new businesses for many of his clients and understands the overwhelming feeling of having to do everything yourself. He has experienced the highs and the lows which gives him an informed insight into the difficulties faced when starting out on a new venture and how to work through those difficulties.

He is quick to understand various business types and is able to recognise and realise the real potential of them. He is proficient at being able to identify the most important and valuable assets of a business, service or person and can tailor bespoke strategies to suit. One size does not fit all.

His past clients have included Accountants, Lawyers, Electrical Contractors, Music Venues and Promoters, Themed Entertainment Companies, Retail Outlets, Clothing Manufacturers, Sports Clubs and Associations, Entrepreneurs and numerous candidates looking for support in their job application process.

Throughout his career he has built strong links with strategic partners in Marketing, Accounting, IT, Organisational Support, Web Development and Recruitment to name a few and his network is often utilised by his clients to help out in specific areas of business.

Darren recently put together a CV for me, I didn’t know where to start myself, but he has done a fabulous Job on the wording, and layout. I would highly recommend Wilcox Business if your looking for a Professional CV. Thanks Darren 5 star  
Tiffany Jane L
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